Saturday, August 29, 2015

Testing Blogger on Mobile

So Blogger has a mobile app. The reviews aren't that great but I have simple requirements, so let's see whether this works out for me.

If it does, it will be of GREAT convenience because I no longer have the luxury of sitting down with a laptop, penning my thoughts and such, without attracting Adelaide's attention. It's as if she has a screen time sensor!

If it doesn't, that means I need to wait till after she goes to bed, before I can have some peace and quiet to write. Or type.

Sooooooo... Here goes the trial!

And yes, I am back. It has been 4 years and there has been some major changes in my life.

I got married...

And I'm now a mother.

Life has been pretty interesting!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Oh, hello there!

So this is the month when I'll be turning a quarter of a century, and I decided to resume writing after being gone from here for a year and a half.

Time flies. Sort of.

Looking back at the previous entry, I mentioned wishing for 3 things and the good news is that I've achieved half of them. (hooray!)

Firstly, I got the job. Tried it out and realised the truth of the industry and left. More about that later in another entry. It really does deserve an entry of its own for a complete tell-all.

Secondly, I'm currently a varsity student (hooray again!) which means if I manage to pass every single modules, then I shall attain the goal of being a varsity GRADUATE. So that makes half the wish achieved.

As for the third wish of going into health science one day, it will probably always be on the back of my mind and if I never did see it through some time in the future, then I'm certain it will be my greatest regret. As for now, it shall remain as a precious wish kept away safely at the bottom of my heart.

So yeah, that sums up the difference between my last few thoughts a year and a half back then and now. I did realise half of them and that's a great stride to be honest. I could have forgotten all about them but I didn't.

More importantly, as mentioned, I am turning a quarter of a century this month and I decided that I need to document what I've achieved for myself and to pen down my thoughts and feelings so that I can one day look back and do a review of my progression and changes.

A year and a half brought about a few changes and I wonder what will become of me over the next 5 years? Will I still be writing here when I turn 30? Well that, we shall see.


As for now, I'm back.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Over the rainbow.

Looking at Yannie's graduation photos on Facebook makes me feel really happy for her, and also re-establishes the fact more firmly that I will have to depend on myself from now on. What I hope to achieve shall start from me, and no longer can I hope that someone else (for example - the parental) will provide for me and to make my wish come true.

One day, I will be a varsity graduate.

It was an almost attainable dream, thanks to the parental, but because of a slight twist of fate, it wasn't meant to be. I've been so hung up on it that it's eating me alive. Looking through Yannie's photos made me realise that my dream is still attainable, but this time around, I will have to attain it with my own means. No more being dependent on others. It is definitely a much greater challenge, but things will happen as long as you believe, want it bad enough, and is willing to work towards it.

I believe. I also want it tremendously. And I am willing to work towards it.

Went for an interview earlier in the day and everything went pretty well. I have a good feeling about it, but Hendrik being Hendrik, told me not to put too much hope into it. Told him that I'm going to write down, on a piece of paper, countless times "I will get the job with ***" and he laughed at me. I do believe that positive reinforcement helps. I shall radiate all the positive cosmic energy towards me!

Sometimes I wish that he will be more encouraging. He can be such a wet blanket at times. 

I really hope I get the job, successfully complete the training, and do well in the selected field. Other than being able to bring me closer to my dream, this is also an exciting opportunity to develop another set of skills and to bring me up-to-date with the world market. Something I have been avoiding for years.

It is all down to me now. Everything that I want from now, I will get it with my own means. There will be no one else except for myself now. Took me a while to grab this notion, but I'm glad I did. Helped changed my perspective, which is really crucial.

I believe. I want it tremendously. I will work for it.

One day, I will be a varsity graduate.

One day, I will go into health science.

First up though, I want to get that job.

I will get that job!

Positive reinforcement.

C'est la vie.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is Good.

I don't have the urge to share any of my thoughts again. Perhaps it'll be a phase, perhaps it will not be. Maybe there will be a new ground. Otherwise this might be locked. Still contemplating.

There are many things on my mind. Am I a late bloomer? Seeing the things that others have achieved is bringing me into yet another self-beating. Why the constant disparagement against myself? One day it will bring me down for good. One too many trip-up and it may one day be permanent.

I'm constantly sad. But does that means I'm unhappy? Is there an exclusive relationship between sadness and unhappiness? Is there any identifiable links between sadness and unhappiness? Can you be happy but sad? Can you be sad but happy? How about happy, yet sad? And sad, yet happy? Words. They are a tricky bunch.

Am I a thinker? Am I a healer? Am I a teacher? Am I a learner? Am I none of those? Am I any of those? I am an occasional reader. Sometimes I just glance through sentences without absorbing the meaning to it. I'm anxious to get to another paragraph. Another paragraph which interests me.

I hate ingesting solids. I hate it because I hate seeing what comes out of it. I hate putting things into my body which makes me feel ill or at unease. I have a poisonous vermin in my mind, worming an intricate network of subliminal messages. I am made of clay.

Clay... That unfinished piece of art. How long has it been now? It has been a good 8 years, yet it still haunts me. I suppose I'm meant to finish it. I think I should. I need peace. Inner peace. That is precious.

I miss you. Do you know that? I cried while talking to you over the phone. Did you know that? It hurts me to know what's going on in your life right now. Do you know that?

Sometimes I think I am desperate. Desperate for a way out. Out of where? Out of this environment I loathe, or just plain out of my mind? The mind makes what you feel of everything. So perhaps it is my mind that I want out of.

August is approaching. It is going to hurt real badly. Time to hibernate from the truth.

Time to run.

Time to take flight.

Time to say goodbye.

Monday, April 05, 2010

One, Two, Outta My Shoe.

Don't forgive me. There's no point in doing so. I will only end up doing the same thing, or even worse. I'm so screwed in the mind that I'm hopeless. Nobody can save me. Even I don't want to save myself anymore.

I started with zero, and I'm going to end up with zero.

I just know it. The stage has been set.

Get lost and find a happiness befitting for you. You don't belong in this insane playground. Nobody does.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Starting from ZERO.

You're too hard on yourself.

Haven't we had this conversation two years ago?

When you keep pushing someone's button, you're testing the boundaries. But when they push your button in return, you clam right up.

Yeah. The more I push their button, the further they expand. But I just go inwards. What a contradiction.

In a relationship, you're the abnormal one.

What do you mean abnormal?

Well, people tend to react in a certain way, and that's normal. But you react in a totally different way, and that's abnormal.

I don't know why I do the things I do. I don't know why I feel the way I feel. Being in a state of limbo, and so out of place. I constantly push everyone away as a justification to my direction-less advance in life. Am I capable of being happy? It's as if all is just a pretense. A pretense of being all right. A pretense of being normal.

I started with zero, and I'm going to end up with zero.

I don't know why.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

There's a bird in my brain.

I know I'm in the wrong, but the crazy thing is, I don't feel that I am. The mind and the heart are at war now. I think I'm going crazy. Just how in the world does my heart justify my grave mistake as being all right?

I need my mind to be in control again.

I'm slowing losing myself.

And just why is it that I don't feel any regret in my action?

I really am going crazy.

Starting to lose all sense of right and wrong.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Feeling like....


Sunday, March 28, 2010

The "L" word.


Most people tend to become lactose intolerant as they grow older. This is due to the body's decreased ability to break down lactose, as the body starts to produce lesser lactase, the enzyme required to break down the lactose in milk and dairy products into the simple sugars (glucose and galactose), which the body is able to absorb.

My body is now telling me that I'm OLD. That I'm old enough to become lactose intolerant. Thank you for the subtle message, my lovely body.

24 is not old.
It is NOT.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Status: ON

Defense mode has been triggered, and am now in the "avoidance" stage.

Next up will be "flight".

Well done Elise. You're doing it again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Closed Quarters

The space in ones' head is probably the only place where silence can be obtained and where no betrayal will exist.

That is possibly true, until one loses the mind. That's when chaos reins the space and there will never be silence again.

Ever since Pine betrayed my trust, I've never trust enough again to confide my most inner thoughts to another.

When I say "I don't want to talk about it", that is as literal as it means.

Stop probing.

No matter the relation, some spaces are meant to be, and will always be, off limits.

I believe that there is a little part of everyone which they wish to remain the exclusive owner of.

And for me, the space in my head is exclusively mine.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I cried.

I cried for my inability to be there for Evee.

I miss her so.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Truth is...

I'm a really selfish person.

What I have at any point in time, will eventually become what I don't wish to be in possession of, and this has been a repetitive cycle.

The cycle has began, again.

Time to be a sinner, again.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another one.

Some weeks back, was told that Pung went off to Sdyney for his Dental course, and saw his photos on Facebook today.

It hurts badly. It hurts so damn badly.

The familiar supermarts and the familiar sky. He's in Health Science faculty too.

So much similarities... So much hurt...

I hate feeling this way. I hate it so damn much.

I'm trying to make things work. I'm trying to find a way to make things work. There are so many things which I don't know about, and it feels as though I'm constantly feeling for a way through in the dark. Where are the adults in my life? Where are the grown-ups who are supposed to show me some guidance or give some support? Why in the world  do I always have to seek out solutions and resources on my own?

I know it helps me grow and makes me more independent, but sometimes I do wish for a shoulder to lean on, and a strong sturdy arm to hold me up when I'm tired.

I want it so bad, but I have no idea how to go about getting it. I'm stumbling in the dark and am just about exhausted.

Just have to hang in there more. One day I'll find it.

I just have to keep believing.


Friday, March 05, 2010


If trying to negotiate for a shelf space is tough, I wonder what length I'll have to go through to negotiate for a space as my "peaceful zone".

My mind is set on the space in front of the bed. I'm going to get it!



I think there's a theory to that... Hmm... Oh well.